RoomBoss - Overview

Catering to vendors, travel agents and media sites

RoomBoss provides multilingual systems for Property Management, Electronic Commerce and Internet Distribution.

Our solutions are easy to use and quick to master, yet provide powerful functionality. RoomBoss is a web application, setup is fast and there is no need for you to install software. Benefit from significant time and cost savings by minimizing administrative overheads.

For Vendors

Property Management Systems
Time-saving systems for small to medium sized accommodation vendors.

Electronic Commerce Systems
Flexible sales solutions for providers of goods and services. From coach and taxi services to ski equipment rentals.

Booking Channel Management
Distribute your services to multiple booking channels with a single system.


For Travel Agents

Niche Internet Reservations
We cater to a concentration of vendors in niche markets such as the Japanese ski industry. Book services directly with niche market vendors.

Niche ECS
Offer niche market services on your web site. Provide real time rates and availability to your site visitors. With no need to perform data entry; product information is provided.


For Media Sites

Media and Technology
RoomBoss provides media partners with inclusions for their web sites. Inclusions come in two forms; a Media Package and Booking Technology. Combined, these elements can enhance or establish a niche section of your web site, such as skiing in Japan.


For Resorts and Travel Destinations

Promote Tourism by Improving the Access to and Completeness of Travel Information
Employ RoomBoss systems to help cater to the needs of travel agents and independent travellers. Offer accommodation as well as other services such as lift passes, ski rentals and ski school. Encourage custom by providing an efficient interface to resort services.

Single or Multiple Reservation Teams
RoomBoss can be used as a central reservation system for a centralized reservation team. Or as a central reservation system by amalgamating services provided by multiple vendors with independent reservation teams.


About Us

RoomBoss is a software company with offices based in Niseko and Sapporo, Japan. We are passionate about technology. We're also passionate about the ski industry and many of us are keen skiers and riders. 2017 represents our eleventh year of operation.

Clients & Partners
We're proud to provide services to vendors, travel agents and media sites in 14 countries.
Thanks for your kind follow up. I managed to set up the housekeeping v2 and we are all very happy with how it works! Thank you for your support!
-- Sam
Following first use of our new housekeeping module.
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